Atelier Thomas Mahr


Established in 1990, Atelier Thomas Mahr has earned an excellent reputation in the restoration of stucco marble, scagliola, stucco lustro, stucco, marbleizing, gilding, as well as a variety of finishes, over the past decades. Collaborating with colleagues from all areas of restoration, such as stone, wood and metal, we are able to provide a broad spectrum of services.


Apart from restoration, Atelier Thomas Mahr also offers bespoke services, creating new objects in materials such as stucco marble and stucco, as well as marbleized models made in accordance withgiven or self-made design concepts.

Company owner Thomas Mahr has completed numerous training programmes in Italy, is a qualified stuccoer master craftsman, and has gained experience through his work with renowned restorers both in Austria and abroad.


Since 2007 Thomas Mahr has held a teaching position at the Vienna University for Applied Arts at the Institute for Conservation and Restoration. This teaching position enables him to continuously adapt his knowledge to new technologies and findings in the field. The team currently consists of 15 employees; for extended projects, a team of experienced restorers may be called upon for assistance.


Continuous training, such as attending seminars and courses, provides the scientific background necessary to ensure our team is able to provide a reliable restoration service.