Surveys & Documentation


Surveys mainly serve to advise the client of the extent and type of damage to the artwork. The subsequent restoration is based on this survey. In rare cases, however, a survey may only be used to assess the type of substance present.

High quality surveys must be scientifically sound and carried out by someone with expert knowledge in the field of history and art history. The survey results shall be analysed and arranged in a clear and concise manner. In addition, the goal of the restoration project shall be accurately defined so that a tender may be formulated on this basis. In most cases, a suitable exemplary surface will be necessary to illustrate the methods and goals required.


In the course of a restoration project, it is absolutely necessary to produce written documentation and photo documentation of all working steps and measures taken, as well as record them on a drawing of the restoration area. Any future procedures may be conducted on the basis of this documentation, and it will allow any occurring damages to be qualified and diagnosed more easily.